Lesson Horse at tri-star Farm

Would you do this to secretariat, I doubt it. However the horses at Tri-Star Farm are gentle and good for learning to ride.

Fun with lesson horses

Summer camp in the Austin Area, just a short drive formHutto, Round Rock and Cedar Park

Time to learn how it is done at the summer camp at Tri-Star Farm. Tri-Star Farm is located in the Greater Austin area and is just a short ride from Hutto, Round Rock and Cedar Park.

Sumer Camp fun at the horse summer camp at Tri Star Farm in the Greater Austin area, near Hutto, Round Rock and Cedar Park

Another Great Day at the Summer Camp at the Tri Star Equestrian Center which offers Riding Lessons, and Horse Training . The Stable is a short drive from Hutto, Round Rock and Cedar Park.

learning to drive at tristar farm a stable in the hutto, round rock, cedar park area

Kathy Teaches a young Equestrian how to drive at her horse camp at Tristar
Farm in the Hutto area, Also close to Round Rock and Cedar Park

Summer camp fun

Hanging out week two of summer camp at Tri-Star Farm in Austin area

Boarding stable

summer camp week 2 and all is going well at the Tri-Star Farm Boarding facility

Training stable

One for all, all for one at Horse Summer camp at Tri-Star FArm

Riding Lessons

Still at the Summer horse camp at Tri-Star Farm. It looks like fun was had by all.

Lesson horses

A pony called cloud at the Tri-Star Farm in Austin area.

Training horse

Big Horses can also be painted in the name of fun.

Riding lesson horse

These pictures also show how gentle the Riding horses at the Tri-Star Farm are.

Horse back riding and paint

Cloud the pony one of the great animals at the Horse camp. Come out and meet these horses they are just a short ride from Round Rock, Hutto, Elgin or Cedar Part.

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