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How to Select A Horse Boarding Facility Near You?

When you set out to choose a boarding facility for your house, you should decide on which type of stabling you require. Let us discuss the kinds of horse boarding available near you to help you determine the perfect one:

Full Board:

Full horse boarding in Texas includes all the usual amenities required to maintain a horse’s health. The monthly fee that the stable owner charges will cover the costs of the stall, pastures bedding, food, and labor facilities.

Partial Boarding:

partial boarding offers stall space and paddock/ pasture facilities. The horse-owner is responsible for taking care of his horse’s wellbeing. The stable manager does not interfere in this matter. If you do not have hard and fast work commitments elsewhere, family crisis, or holiday plans, you can take this boarding facility.

Pasture Boarding:

Pasture is a fenced space where the horses move around and graze freely. It provides the best food for your horse and area for exercise. In short, your horse gets a social group along with other ponies on board. Selecting a pasture for your horse is probably the least expensive stabling type as there is no stall or bedding to maintain and clean. However, if your pony is old, sick or weak, you should avoid this kind of facility during extreme climatic conditions.

If you are worried which boarding facility to choose, you may contact Ms. Kathy Ellerbeck, stable manager of Tri-Star Farm. The stable encompasses all kinds of horse boarding in Texas. You can get the best boarding services here without any doubt. As a horse owner, you should know that horses prefer to spend time on pastures rather than installs. The time spent on the field and the quality of food will determine how happy your horse is. Now that you are aware of the boarding facilities available for your horse, you should consider the following factors before selecting one for your pony:

Grass Quality and Quantity:

Poor quality and less grass quantity can impact your horse’s health and mood. Therefore, make sure that the pasture, where your horse grazes, has lush green superior quality grass.

Horse Safety:

It would help if you did not blindly rely on the facilities provided by these horse-boarding companies. Examine the place thoroughly before you conclude. Check whether the fencing of the pasture or stall has any holes or breaks. This could allow horses to escape or wander off into dangerous situations. Electrical wires are better than the high-tension fencings as they can lead to fatal consequences.

Well-Maintained Premises:

See whether the boarding space is well organized and clean. The unhygienic place can infect your pony and result in prolonged ailment. Also, examine whether the fence posts are rotten or loose, the fence boards are in good condition or with protruding nails. Well-maintained premises are crucial to promote your horse’s health.

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