Horse Camp Fun

Lesson Horse at tri-star Farm

Would you do this to secretariat, I doubt it. However the horses at Tri-Star Farm are gentle and good for learning to ride.

Horse Camp has a serious side in that it teaches Children how to train a horse how to ride a horse and generally teaches responsibility.  That said what good would a summer of horsing around be without fun. These pictures are showing the fun side of the Summer Camp at the Tri-Star Farm in the Austin Area.

Lesson horses

A pony called cloud at the Tri-Star Farm in Austin area.

Training horse

Big Horses can also be painted in the name of fun.

Stable in Austin Area

Painting a pony at Tri-Star Farm in Austin area.


Riding lesson horse

These pictures also show how gentle the Riding horses at the Tri-Star Farm are.


Horse back riding and paint

Cloud the pony one of the great animals at the Horse camp. Come out and meet these horses they are just a short ride from Round Rock, Hutto, Elgin or Cedar Part.


Horse at Tri-Star

Fun at Horse Camp, little pony little child seems to go together.

Stabel Horse

More fun with cloud the wonder pony at Tri-Star Farm.

Horse stable Austin Area

Little Kids, Little pony big fun at Tri-Star Boarding Facility.


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