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Discover Your Love For Horse-Riding with Tristar Farm’s Lessons

Horse-riding is synonymous with Texas. But not many farms in Texas can offer you expert, tailor-made training lessons that can instil a love for the art of horse-riding. At Tristar Farm, however, students can expect to learn various styles of horse-riding, barn management, etc. in theory and practice as well.

Introducing Tristar Farm

Tristar Farm was established in the Round Rock/Austin metro area in 2003 by Equine Science expert Kathy Ellerbeck. Since its inception, the farm has been catering to new and developing riders, teaching horse-riding, handling and management using scientifically approved techniques. The farm’s focus is not limited to highlighting only the entertaining side of horse-riding like most contemporary enterprises. Students with little to no expertise can hope to gain a full-fledged, in-depth understanding of horse tackling.

Tristar Farm also caters to commercial customers searching for a reliable horse boarding, horse-themed birthday celebrations and horseback trail riding in Texas. We also host summer camps in which we teach the fundamentals of horse-riding, grooming and caring for young students. These summer camps also feature numerous activities.

Why choose Tristar Farm’s services?

  • We cater to horse-riding enthusiasts of all levels. Our batches are divided on the basis of expertise, with instructors providing attention to the individual needs of every student.
  • Trister Farm is not a commercially-minded enterprise unlike a lot of our contemporaries; our mission is to bring out the appreciation enthusiasts have in their hearts for the aesthetic appeal of horse-riding and horse-tending.
  • We strive to cultivate a love for the equine arts in our students, and encourage them to become balanced, independent riders and horse-tending experts.
  • We teach all forms of horse riding here such as: Hunter, Jumper, Dressage and Pleasure.

Experience Texas on Horse-back

At Tristar Farms, we do not limit services to teaching horse-riding or children’s entertainment activities alone. We also provide horseback trail riding in Texas’s natural corridors. Customers can expect to go on laidback, leisurely horseback trips across the lush landscape in and around Brushy Creek. Even newcomers to the art of horseback riding can expect a basic crash course to help them get on the saddle. Trail rides are only available by appointment and can accommodate small groups and large.

Horse boarding on Tristar Farm

At Tristar Farms our facilities represent the latest and greatest in Equine Science. Our boarding stables can house your horses and provide them with the best attention and care that your money can buy. Your horse gets to enjoy free choice forage and two meals featuring grain-feed. Our vets, farriers and equestrian specialists ensure that your horse is well cared for during their stay here. Horses in our boarding stables get to enjoy activities like lighted jump arenas, spacious accommodations, longe training, etc.

So, if you are a horse-riding enthusiast, or looking to train yourself to ride horses, then look no further than Tristar Farm. Our motto is to uphold the appreciation for the strength, grace, beauty and empathy in horses.

Contact With Us

  • East Farm: 3325 Fm 1466, Coupland, Texas 78615
  • West Farm: 6648 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759
  • East Farm: (512) 775-7978
  • West Farm: (512) 775-7978

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