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How to Select A Horse Boarding Facility Near You?

When you set out to choose a boarding facility for your house, you should decide on which type of stabling you require. Let us discuss the kinds of horse boarding available near you to help you determine the perfect one:

Full Board:

Full horse boarding in Texas includes all the usual amenities required to maintain a horse’s health. The monthly fee that the stable owner charges will cover the costs of the stall, pastures bedding, food, and labor facilities.

Partial Boarding:



Need to Build A Perfect Stable For Your Horse

Although it has been a practice to keep horses outside since ages, more and more people are thinking of adding cozy horse stables to their properties. There are various reasons behind building comfortable living spaces for your horses.

Stables to Keep Competition Horses Cozy:

People who pet competition animals need to construct a comfortable space for them so that they can be groomed and cleaned before the event. No matter how meticulously you bathe the horse before the show, you may find it covered in mud from top to toe if you don’t have a proper grooming sectio...


Discover Your Love For Horse-Riding with Tristar Farm’s Lessons

Horse-riding is synonymous with Texas. But not many farms in Texas can offer you expert, tailor-made training lessons that can instil a love for the art of horse-riding. At Tristar Farm, however, students can expect to learn various styles of horse-riding, barn management, etc. in theory and practice as well.

Introducing Tristar Farm

Tristar Farm was established in the Round Rock/Austin metro area in 2003 by Equine Science expert Kathy Ellerbeck. Since its inception, the farm has been catering to new and developing riders, teaching horse-ri...


6 Reasons Why Tristar Farm Is the Best Boarding Barn for Your Horse

Raising a horse from its infancy to its maturity is a lot more complicated than looking after any other animal. Horses offer us much more utility as a means of transport; they are more intuitive and in some ways more demanding than the average animal. This calls for specialised boarding stable facilities, training routines, etc. Unfortunately, even though there are several enterprises for horse boarding in Texas, very few of them offer science-approved training, treatment and housing facilities for your horse.

At Tristar Farm, we extend our love for these equine creatur...


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