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6 Reasons Why Tristar Farm Is the Best Boarding Barn for Your Horse

Raising a horse from its infancy to its maturity is a lot more complicated than looking after any other animal. Horses offer us much more utility as a means of transport; they are more intuitive and in some ways more demanding than the average animal. This calls for specialised boarding stable facilities, training routines, etc. Unfortunately, even though there are several enterprises for horse boarding in Texas, very few of them offer science-approved training, treatment and housing facilities for your horse.

At Tristar Farm, we extend our love for these equine creatures beyond the standard expectations.

Our boarding facilities are one of the best because of a number of criterions that set us apart from our contemporaries. They are as follows:

Quality of care

Our boarding stables are teeming with horses that are well cared for and attended several times a day. Our estate lies in the heart of Austin where your horse can have a free choice of forage to graze on. We offer excellent quality paddocks as well as private pens to customers. Premium quality grains are provided to the horses for meals. They can also avail some of the most expertized equine veterinary services in Texas.

Safety Concerns

In Tristar Farm’s boarding stables your horse will be kept under constant supervision. All their needs will be attended to promptly. Depending on what kind of temperament your horse has, you can avail a private pen or a general paddock. Tristar Farm invests in top-notch security to ward off trespassers. Every inch of our facilities, down to the guard rails to keep your horse in place are of premium quality.

Hygiene quality

At Tristar Farm, you can expect the cleanest and well-tended facilities for your horse. Our love for horses enables us to provide the cleanest private pens and group paddocks. Our wash stalls are well maintained too. We clean our stalls and runs daily and provide rubber mat covered floors.

Boarding Rentals

Our reasonably priced boarding facilities reflect our love for horses and our drive to provide excellent facilities for any horse that comes to live on our estate at the cheapest, competitive price. Pasture boards are available for 300$ per month, while paddock boards go for 375$ and 12×16 stalls for $475.


We provide lighted jump arenas and longe training for all varieties of discipline. So regardless of whether your horse is a jumper horse, a dressage horse or anything else, you can expect us to provide compatible environs for your horse.

Services Provided

Customers who avail our boarding services have access to the trails to ride their horses. There is trailer parking available too. Even our tack rooms are climate-controlled. We ensure that a good amount of turn-out time is provided to the horses in our boarding. Unlike any other horse boarding in Texas, we also offer blanketing and un-blanketing in winter.

If you are leaving your horse under our watchful eye, then you can also expect equine veterinarian experts, therapists and farriers to tend to your beloved horse.

Contact With Us

  • East Farm: 3325 Fm 1466, Coupland, Texas 78615
  • West Farm: 6648 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759
  • East Farm: (512) 775-7978
  • West Farm: (512) 775-7978
  • tristarfarm@gmail.com

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