You & Your Horse

You can find information about the correct position of the rider every where, how the horse should look, all about roundness of the horse. The sequence  and look usage of aids.  However the cumulative point of riding is the in the riders mind. The thoughts and emotions of the rider are magnified by the horse.  The horse’s awareness of our emotions is amplified and returned as actions.

Through personal experience I have noticed the cycle of emotions and action of the interactions of the rider and there horse.  This can be seen when a rider starts to worry about how the horse is preforming, and the horse starts to preform worse and worse as the riders emotions and worry are transmitted to the horse, in turn as the horse starts doing acting on these emotions it furthers the riders worries in a cycle that feeds off its self.

Emotions and your feelings are picked up by your horse even when your not riding.  Ever have a bad day, and were angry?   Have you seen how your horse starts to share your emotions?

Its important to establish these emotional bonds with your horse. A horse in tune with its rider is much more responsive.     As a rider you are the one setting the pace, your emotions and thoughts guide your horse.

Ways of helping you and your horse relax and find a good starting point.

1  Grooming, a relaxed grooming session will help you relax and your horse relax.  Pay special attention  to your hoses favorite spots.  This grooming should not be in preparation for anything.

2. Grazing,  Grazing your horse helps you connect with your horse and show them that you are a good leader. By directing your horse to the nicest grass to graze your horse will start looking to you for more and more..  Just like little kids horses like to get out and see new things, this is the perfect time to take them over to new spots.  As grazing is a very relaxing action for your horse.

3. Relaxing after a lesson,  this is important as this helps stop the back to barn (Works done dont have to listen) idea that horses some times set them self on.. Just sit on your horse and talk to people or just relax.   This helps the horse build patience   Just ask for your horse to stand quietly, if he does move around to much take him in small circles.

This will help you and your horse bond and reinforce your connection.

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