Emergency Ready Trailering

Emergency Trailering

The best emergency plan for trailering you can have is one well practiced. Having an experienced hauler and being used to operating your rig is always the best. One thing the recent flooding on the East Coast and the many fires in Texas should have taught us, is evacuation is sometimes necessary, and you don’t always get a lot of time to get things done.

Plan it out:
How many animals do you have?
How many can be hauled in one trip?
Do you have special needs horses? Such as: Stallions or mares with young foals?

Map it out:
Map out and prepare a list of places you can go to. These can be your local expo center, rodeo arenas, vet centers, or farms in your area but out of what would be a local evacuation zone. And most importantly have alternate routes in case you find your primary or secondary routes blocked.

Who’s going to help:
Who will help load the horse?
Can you load every one by your self do you need help?
Do you have a list of people to call for help, either extra sets of hands or extra trailers?
Your local riding clubs are a good place to network.

Have tack and equipment ready:
Make sure you prep extra halters and leads as well as loading tools, whip, lunge line. I keep these items in my trailer at all times. that way they are there when I need them and I never have to go looking for them when an emergency arises.

Evacuations don’t have to be frantic if you’ve prepared ahead of time

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